With sponsoring we want to build true relationships, empower people to be creative and make choices that do good for ourselves, for others and for the world around us. One of the main goals of sponsorship for Fazer is to do tangible acts and to be an active and responsible part of society. Through sponsorship, we also support the business operations of the Group and interact with our stakeholder groups. Sponsoring is one tool in transforming Fazer into a modern sustainable food company with a joint direction. One of the key themes in our projects is eating together

Fazer collaborates with many good projects and organizations. Our main target is the work of the SOS Children’s Villages in Finland and Russia. We support biodiversity in co-operation with WWF Finland, The Baltic Sea Action Group, The Lake Vesijärvi Foundation and Korkeasaari zoo. Fazer promotes responsible cocoa sourcing as a member of the World Cocoa Foundation. Themes that are important to us include eating together and holistic well-being. Fazer is the main partner of Europe’s biggest school sporting event Stafettkarnevalen.  

We will develop our own business in co-operation with different educational establishments.

We want to be part of creating good moments through product donations. When it comes to considering support advertising Fazer’s primary interests lie with targets such as; sports for the disabled, small patient organizations and war veterans.

Where do we sponsor?

We do sponsoring in our home market area around the Baltic Sea. In addition, we participate in projects in countries where our main ingredients, such as cocoa, come from. In addition to country-wide and international initiatives, we have also participated in corporate responsibility related initiatives in those locations where Fazer has facilities. 

What we require of our partners

  • The projects have to be in line with Fazer’s ethical principles, Fazer’s sustainability goals and UN Sustainability Development Goals

We do not sponsor

  • targets that are in contradiction with our brand postitioning and environmental goals
  • religiously or politically committed targets
  • we may sponsor individual sports or sports teams in exceptional cases