Fazer aims to have a continuous dialogue with its stakeholders, create engaging brand experiences, secure trust capital and strengthen its reputation.

An active dialogue with its stakeholders helps Fazer to understand trends and signals in the surrounding society. The Group also needs to be aware of the possible changes in the political and regulatory environment. Stakeholder feedback aids Fazer in wisely steering its activities, and enables the Group to address the matters that are essential to its stakeholders. Fazer has identified its most important stakeholder groups and outlined several engagement methods.

Consumers  Customer service, surveys, restaurant and café materials, websites, social media, packaging, factory visits
Customers Meetings and cooperation, newsletters, customer feedback systems, customer events, websites, social media
Shareholders Regular contact, meetings and events, Annual Review, Corporate Responsibility Review, tertiary reports, website, extranet
Employees Performance Management Process, continuous communication between managers and employees, induction, training, occupational health and safety management system, personnel events, personnel surveys, Fazer Way helpline, intranet and other internal channels, theme days, Corporate Responsibility Review
Suppliers Meetings, contracts, supplier requirements, supplier assessments, follow-up actions, partnerships, research, continuous collaboration between sourcing managers and suppliers
NGOs and local communities Memberships, partnerships, joint projects and initiatives, websites, social media, questionnaires, Corporate Responsibility Review
Universities and research institutes Partnerships, joint R&D projects, knowledge sharing, donations, thesis and job opportunities for students, lectures, excursions
Healthcare professionals Knowledge sharing, events, lectures
Media Media releases and events, interviews, websites, social media, visits
Authorities and governments Regular contact, meetings, memberships, seminars, work groups