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Sustainable products and innovations


At Fazer, we are dedicated to finding innovative food solutions to sustainability problems. This ambitious undertaking of ours entails everything from researching all the health benefits of foods and sweets to:

• Developing principles for a varied and balanced diet
• Advising people on how much sugar and salt to eat or which carbohydrates are preferable from a health perspective
• Providing people more and better plant-based offerings that are good for both people and the planet
• Giving customers meaningful information about the nutritional content and portion sizes of our products
• Coming up with new and better ways to reduce food waste by creatively reusing food and other raw materials

For us, it helps to think of our 130-year-old company as if we were a start-up. This means focusing on sustainability while introducing innovative and exciting food solutions—led by our Fazer lab—to ensure that our tomorrow’s customers are as in love with our food as today’s. The result is Northern Magic. Made Real.

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