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Food innovations


We want to create meaningful food experiences and infuse everything we do with joy, and thereby make world better, day by day. To do that, we invest in research that is meaningful to the people and the world around us and supports our mission of making food with a purpose.

Being far-sighted, we fund research at respected and prominent universities and research institutes, as well as at our very own Fazer Lab.  

Our investments in research and development are already yielding results. For example, we have developed a new patented low-FODMAP solution that makes it possible to bake easily digestible rye and wheat bread and figured out how to creatively reuse oat hulls to make xylitol.  

On top of that, we also fund several ongoing proprietary research projects such as Fazer Xtech, which will develop sustainable and nutritious food solutions, and Solein2Food, which aims to create new foods with Solar Foods’ groundbreaking carbon neutral Solein protein.  

It is equally important to make sure that we always conduct research in responsible, sustainable ways and communicate our research activities and results transparently. 

In the end, creating new unforgettable food experiences is an investment in a more sustainable future. And we want to become a leader in sustainable plant-based foods in the Nordics and drive innovations at scale while creating, growing, and leveraging our Foodtech business to ensure a prominent role in future food markets.