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Fazer's RD projects - an overview


Our cutting-edge R&D projects promise better food for a brighter future. 

Fazer Xtech 

The work that goes on under this research programme captures the theme of all our foodtech R&D projects: to research and develop sustainable and nutritious food solutions. A great emphasis is on upcycling, to find new use of sidestreams like surplus rye bread. 


In this venture project Fazer and Solar Foods, a Finnish foodtech start-up, have joined forces to develop food products using Solein, Solar Foods’ all-new sustainable, nutritious and carbon neutral protein ingredient. Solein is a perfect concretisation of our perspective of future food as the solution to problems such as climate change. 

Fazer Oathow 

This R&D project aims to bring about future oat innovations. Fazer Xylitol is an example not only of an oat-based innovation but also of upcycling as the xylitol is extracted from our mill´s sidestream oat hulls. Fazer Xylitol serves as a perfect model of sustainable innovation. 


A great deal of Fazer-funded R&D is carried out to create scientific and technical solutions for sugar replacement, salt reduction and plant-based foods. Some of this work is also part of our Brainhow project, which is meant to create innovative solutions to maintain and improve the brain’s ability and well-being at different stages of life. 

Open innovation 

On top of the work done inside Fazer Lab, we support scientific studies conducted by researchers in our expanded networks. We fund academic research at reputable universities and institutes to study oats, sourdough, whole grain, sustainable protein, as well as how to replace sugar and reduce salt.  

Gut-brain axis 

Fazer has an ongoing PhD research project on dietary fibre, gut microbiota, and the gut-brain axis. Alongside the Nordic research community, we are generally exploring the health benefits of rye, and specifically how fibre can positively affect our gut, brain, and overall well-being.