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Solein®—protein out of thin air


Sustainability in food and nutrition is high on Fazer's research agenda, and Fazer believes that Foodtech innovations are key factors in making food more nutritious and sustainable. Fazer is the largest shareholder and R&D collaborator for Solar Foods, who have developed a novel protein ingredient: Solein®.

In 2019, Fazer and Solar Foods started a cooperation focusing on the research, development, and commercialisation potential of Solein®. Fazer aims to launch food products with this ingredient to the global market.

Solein® is a sustainable, nutritious, and carbon neutral microbial protein that can be produced independently from soil, weather, and climate. As such, its production comes without any of the typical negative land use effects.

Solein® is made from a natural micro-organism native to Finland. With a special fermentation process, it is possible to grow and harvest this microbial protein into a nutritious food ingredient.

Solein’s taste profile is subtle and therefore can be used in many ways without altering familiar and favourite flavours. It also contains all the essential amino acids and complements the nutritional profile of plant-based food products without the consumer noticing a difference in the final dish.

Solein® is a new type of food, why it must go through the European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA) novel food application procedure to ensure it is safe, accurately labelled, and nutritionally fit for its purpose. EFSA must also supply its scientific opinion to the European Commission (EC) for final approval. Solein® is currently in the novel food approval process and the estimated launch of Solein® products into EU markets is in 2023.

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