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A sweeter future from oats


Fazer Xylitol is the first industrially produced xylitol from oat hulls—a good example of how Nordic innovation contributes to a sweeter and sustainable future.

With the same taste and appearance as sugar but with 40% fewer calories, Xylitol is an excellent sweetener.  

In 1975, the world’s first xylitol chewing gum was launched in Finland. Xylitol is an essential ingredient for a variety of food-, cosmetics- and pharmaceutical products. In 2020, we introduce the world’s first oatbased xylitol, Fazer Xylitol.

It all began when we wanted to create a new Finnish-made chewing gum, only to discover that there was no longer any xylitol production with raw materials of Finnish origin. After a comprehensive research and investment analysis, we decided to bring back xylitol production to its successful country of origin, Finland, and use a domestic raw material to do so.  

Fazer's new Xylitol differs from its predecessors in that it is sustainable and innovatively made from our mill’s sidestream oat hull. 

Fazer Xylitol is a good example of how we use our sustainable and innovative xylitol production to create game-changing sweetness to the delight of humans and the planet.