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Health and nutrition


As the Food Experience Company, we believe in promoting health and well-being with food.

We want to help people enjoy nutritious foods that are good for the heart and soul as well as the body and brain. Therefore, we: 

  • Push for a balanced, varied, and brain-friendly diet
  • Inform of the appropriate portion sizes for different occasions 
  • Promote sustainable and nutritionally balanced plant-based foods 
  • Suggest and supply foods with complex carbs that stabilise blood sugar 
  • Recommend limiting the added sugar in the food and offer sugar-free alternatives 
  • Provide informative food labelling and ingredient declarations 

At the same time, we understand that people’s preferences vary. So, one of the key tasks in our product development work is to create a variety of healthy foods catering to different needs, tastes, and occasions, whether it is porridge, bread, or confectionery. 

Overweight and obesity are serious public health concerns. Thus, we promote the adoption of a balanced and varied diet by following the national and Nordic Nutritional Recommendations and regulations when developing our products.  

We also want to make it as easy as possible for consumers to make healthy choices. Packaging is an important aspect of Fazer’s efforts to inform our consumers of the health aspects of our foods. It is, for example, our ambition that the packaging of our confectioneries indicates whether the products are for individual consumption or for sharing. 

A balanced and varied diet is a brain-friendly diet. When we nourish our brain with brain-friendly food, have more energy and are better equipped to handle the challenges and busy schedules of modern life. This is the goal of Fazer’s Brainhow initiative.