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Fazer's principles for a balanced diet



Our approach to a balanced diet comprises the following principles.

Supporting a balanced offering

A balanced diet is part of a healthy lifestyle. Fazer believes that balanced food choices bring well-being. Therefore, we want to make healthy and sustainable choices easy.
A diet rich in plant-based food is healthy and environmentally friendly. With an innovative and versatile selection, we want to entice consumers to consume more plant-based foods such as grains, vegetables, pulses, fruit, berries, and nuts.

Overweight and obesity may be health risks. We gain weight when our energy intake is higher than our energy use. Physical activity is important for maintaining an energy balance. Fazer wants to support consumers in making choices that may help them prevent diseases or the health risks that obesity may cause.


Fazer strives to communicate recommended portion sizes for different occasions and the number of portions in packages not meant for single use.

Fazer’s product packages will carry a declaration of the energy content (kcal) and, whenever possible, also other nutrition facts in each portion. Alternatively, this information will be made available in other easy ways. For example, on Fazer’s website.

Fazer Group’s Marketing Policy sets criteria on how we apply the basis of a healthy diet in marketing.

Open dialogue

Fazer works with health authorities and decision makers and follows nutrition research closely. We follow the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations and apply nutrition information to provide products and services that enable better health to the consumers. Fazer has an open dialogue with our stakeholders on how to meet their demands and improve our nutritional performance.

Fazer invests in understanding our customers’ needs and behaviours. Consumers interested in health and well-being may follow different diets as their health preferences vary. Fazer leans on the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations and scientific research when we develop a responsible and versatile offering, and respect individuals’ freedom to choose the best diets for their needs.

Nutrient-based approach

Scientific evidence suggests that a diet rich in plant-based foods, cereal fibre and whole grains is healthy. Consequently, Fazer develops tasty and convenient offering of cereal products rich in dietary fibre and contains whole grains. Such products also contain “good carbohydrates” that provide us with vital nutrients and fibre and long-lasting energy. We invest in developing wider and tastier offering of plant-based foods.

Proteins are important for children’s growth and development as they strengthen muscles and bones. Fazer advises moderation in protein intake and encourages increasing proteins from plant sources instead of animal sources. This is both healthier for humans and less of a burden for the environment. By mixing different plant protein sources, the overall quality of proteins can be met easily.

Excessive intake of salt may raise blood pressure, a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. Fazer is committed to offer alternatives with different salt levels and study possibilities how to gradually decrease the salt content in product categories that contribute to high salt intake.

Sugar is a natural and evident part of many Fazer products. The Nordic Nutrition Recommendations and World Health Organizations recommend limiting the daily energy intake from added sugar to less than 10% of total energy intake. We support such a diet because it promotes health and allows sweet treats in moderation. We also explore new opportunities and technologies to reduce sugar in our products and offer lower sugar alternatives.

From a health perspective, the quality of fat is more important than its quantity in the diet. That is why Fazer uses soft vegetable fats whenever possible and aims to reduce the amount of hard animal fats. Fazer strives to remove all trans-fat sources from its products.