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A sweet topic - daily sugar intake


Because sugar is a topical ingredient in our products, we want to help everyone make informed choices, find a balanced and varied diet, and enjoy sweets in moderation.

Fazer’s mission is Food with a purpose

Our goal is to share the taste of the good life every day, and we hold that a healthy lifestyle is an essential aspect of the good life. Thus, we offer a great variety of foods to enable a balanced and varied diet that includes sweets in moderation.

Fazer has been providing taste sensations since 1891. Our founder, Karl Fazer, held that good taste and high quality determine sales. Accordingly, we use sugar to make our sweets and enhance the flavour of our pastries and desserts. We also use it to improve our products’ structure and preservation.

Enjoy delicious sweets—but consider also daily sugar intake

According to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) recommendation, sugar added to food should be less than 10% of total energy intake. Fazer endorses WHO’s daily sugar intake recommendation, which is aligned with the current Nordic recommendations.

How Fazer enhances responsible taste sensations

Fazer endorses good health and well-being by providing a large variety of alternatives. When developing new and old products, we observe trends, draw influences from around the world, and consider scientific recommendations. But first and foremost, we listen to our customers.

To enable and encourage a balanced diet, we:

  • Ensure that our bread selection contains healthy whole-grain choices rich in fibre, and that many of our breads are low in sugar. Many Fazer breads carry the Keyhole or Heart symbol demonstrating that they are better choices.
  • Offer moderate in sugar or no added sugars breakfast products such as Alku, which carries the Heart symbol to signal that the product is a healthy choice.
  • Make sweets available in packages of different sizes to fit different purposes. For example, pastilles and bars make for small treats while chocolate boxes and large candy bags can be shared at special occasions. In fact, we encourage people to share sweets with the “Share the Fun” text printed on large candy bags.
  • Research ways to reduce the sugar amount and create new, low-sugar alternatives in different product groups.
  • Promote dental health with our large variety of Xylimax products. The product family includes full xylitol chewing gums and pastilles designed for the daily dental care of children and adults as well.

At Fazer, we always discuss and consider options for developing our products to fit the needs of as many consumers as possible. By providing a large variety of products and package sizes, we want to enable everyone can enjoy Fazer in their own way.