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Fazer Brainhow – well-being from science 


Everyday life can be hectic. The amount of information is rapidly growing and we are surrounded by a never-ending flow of new stimuli and experiences. Well-being is more and more dependent on cognitive capabilities – and the well-being of the brain. This insight was the starting point of Fazer Brainhow.

The roots of Fazer Brainhow® are in Fazer’s research team. The team got interested in the well-being of the brain - its significance on overall well-being, and in how what we eat, how we exercise and how well we sleep and recover affect our brain.

The Fazer Brainhow -research program has studied, for example, how brain-friendly dietary choices affect the well-being, alertness and cognitive capabilities of working-age people in the Brave study. The Portaat study examined whether brainfood can ease burnout symptoms, while the Flaseco study focused on how elderly people may benefit from dark chocolate.

The research projects were conducted in tight cooperation with universities and stakeholders. Fazer Brainhow has also nurtured pro gradu theses and doctoral dissertations.

Food with a purpose

Fazer’s mission is to make food with a purpose. Fazer Brainhow aims to support this mission by producing science-based knowledge to support product development - to create tasty products that help increase well-being easily, every day.

Good taste, natural ingredients and solutions that make everyday life easier create joy and happy moments, which in turn boost the well-being of the body and the mind. Nourishing the brain with brain-friendly nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices gives energy to the whole body.

Fazer Brainhow label in products

The first products that carry the Fazer Brainhow label arrived in stores in 2019. The Fazer Brainhow label means that the product contains nutrients that have been scientifically shown to be beneficial for the brain and cognitive functions.

For example, magnesium and folate help reduce tiredness and fatigue, potassium contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system, while iron contributes to normal cognitive function. These health claims are in line with the official health claims approved in the EU. Read more about health claims.

Products that carry the Fazer Brainhow label are also in line with Nordic nutrition recommendations and the amount of salt and sugar, as well as the amount and quality of the fiber and fats they contain, have been carefully designed.