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About our product packaging


Product packaging is an important avenue for communicating health information to consumers, and we want to make it as easy as possible for consumers to make healthy choices.

Most of our packaged products have information about the energy content and nutrition in a single portion. The portion sizes have been agreed by operators, organisations, and manufacturers in the European food industry. The information is meant to help consumers form a picture of what is a good size for a single portion for products in packages containing several portions. 

Examples of portion sizes: 

  • a bar of chocolate, one row (15–30 g) 
  • a bag of sweets, 25 g (i.e., 5–14 sweets depending on the size of the sweets) 
  • a slice of Finnish cardamom bread 
  • a slice of bread, 30 g, or, when bought sliced, the actual weight of the slice 
  • a serving of muesli, 40-45 g 

Whenever a product is packaged or whenever you can clearly make out a single piece of it—as in the case of pastries, biscuits, wrapped pralines, chocolate bars or liquorice sticks—this one piece is considered a portion.  

All of Fazer’s big bags of sugar confectioneries (the “PARTY”, “Share the FUN” and “ENJOY” lines) have voluntary portion size information. For sweets, the typical daily portion is 25 g. The portion size data indicates a number of individual sweets given their size. If the bag includes confectioneries of varied sizes, the number is calculated from the average weight. 

Go to Fazer’s website here for the nutritional values of all our products, shown for 100 g of the product and a single portion of the product. 


  • how many calories there are in 100 g of the confectioneries 
  • the recommended daily portion (25 g) 
  • how many calories there are in a single portion size 
  • how many confectioneries the portion size includes