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Food safety


The quality and safety of our food is our main priority.

To ensure the quality and safety of our food, we have implemented a long-term food safety programme. Moreover, we have made sure to follow quality and food safety standards aligned to industry codes and customer requirements.

Food production is highly regulated, and we comply with all applicable regulations. In addition, we practice the hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) system to prevent food safety hazards and assure food quality and safety.

To meet the highest global requirements, we have also certified all our internal production sites against the Global Food Safety System (FSSC 22000).

Learn more about our quality, food safety, environment and occupational health and safety (QEHS) policies.

We are constantly evaluating food-fraud risks and are prepared to prevent emerging threats. For example, we continuously improve our allergen management.

We monitor and secure the food safety, traceability, and responsibility throughout our entire supply chain. We apply a systematic information gathering process before selecting and approving our suppliers and raw materials. Risk-based controls are part of Fazer’s food safety management systems and are designed to prevent and mitigate risks and hazards. These controls are critical to our manufacturing and support processes.

Our auditing process includes assessing the level of our suppliers’ performance regarding production, quality, food safety, and sustainability issues.

Comprehensive product information

Correct and current product information is an important part of food safety especially for people with special diets, including allergens. Thus, we have a special guided process in place for securing the validity of product information in new products and in those being developed, with special attention paid to allergens.

The most important product information is always printed on the product’s packaging. Information about our products is also available on Fazer’s website, and our customer service personnel are happy to give you information about our products and their usage.