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Why Fazer is committing to cage-free eggs


Fazer uses eggs in baking and eggshells for Mignon chocolate eggs. So, we pledge to using only cage-free eggs in the Nordic and Baltic countries by 2024.

Fazer’s commitment to using cage-free eggs is part of the company’s sustainability efforts as animal welfare is one of our essential sustainability topics. Fazer’s sustainability goal of becoming 100% sustainably sourced puts extra effort on chosen value chains, such as egg production.  

For Fazer, the commitment to cage-free eggs covers all of Fazer’s businesses and countries of operation. The commitment was created in collaboration with stakeholders and is based on discussions with different actors along the value chain. The progress in reaching the target is reported on an annual basis.


Commitment’s targets and status  

In 2019, Fazer set the commitment on sustainable eggs with a gradual shift to only cage-free eggs.  

  • 2019 share of cage-free eggs 32%  
  • 2020 share of cage-free eggs minimum 31%*  
  • 2021 share of cage-free eggs 42%
  • 2024 target 100% cage-free eggs in the Nordic and Baltic Countries    

*) Food Services was sold to Compass Group and that impacted the share of cage-free eggs in 2020.