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Fazer's approach to cocoa 


Cocoa is important for Fazer. Consequently, we work hard to ensure that the cocoa used in our products is sourced responsibly.

We source 100% of our cocoa sustainably and increasing the traceability of our cocoa is a key priority. To source responsibly, we work with international players in the cocoa and chocolate industry to improve conditions in cocoa farms and farming communities. 


Sustainable cocoa production is crucial for the future of chocolate production. Given the pivotal role of cocoa, we are working hard to improve its availability and livelihood for the farmers who grow it. 

How Fazer addresses the root cause of unsustainable cocoa farming 

One must consider all aspects of procurement sustainability, including social responsibility, human rights, deforestation, and ethical business practices when it comes to sustainability. 

Poverty is the root cause of most problems that plague cocoa farms today, making their activities unsustainable from a social, economic, and environmental perspective. Therefore, an essential part of the solution is to source cocoa through Fazer’s farmer programmes in Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ecuador, and the Cocoa Horizons program.  

While we buy it through the UTZ, Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade Cocoa program, we see cocoa certifications as a starting point and strive to go further with Fazer’s farmer programmes. Through these, Fazer buys cocoa that fulfils the standards for responsible production. Consistent with this ambition, we also recently re-evaluated the criteria for what Fazer defines as responsible cocoa as part of a significant internal initiative. 

Fazer’s ambitious farmer programme 

Fazer’s has three farming programs involving 333 farmers in Ecuador, 830 farmers in Ivory Coast and 3,000 farmers in Nigeria, which is only appropriate as 25% of Fazer’s cocoa comes from Ecuador and 75% from West Africa. 

Through our farmer programme, we work for increased traceability, support farmers, monitor and measure progress, protect forests and ensure profitable agriculture. We also develop inspiring model farms to demonstrate best practices, improve the well-being of the cocoa community, monitor child labour, and invest in infrastructure, schools, health care and more. It entails arranging waste management and GPS mapping the cocoa farms (so we can know exactly where the beans come from). 

The traceability of cocoa is one of the most critical focus areas. We are increasing the proportion of traceable cocoa by developing our farmer programme.  

Our farmer programme enables us to increase traceability, channel our support to the farmers who grow cocoa for Fazer, measure and monitor progress and ensure that our cocoa does not come from protected forest areas. Today, we can trace cocoa in support programs in Ecuador, Nigeria, and Ivory Coast to farm level. 

In conclusion, our farmer programme has three goals: secure profitable agriculture, improve society’s well-being and respect the planet and natural resources. The programmes are built together with our suppliers, monitored, and followed up in collaboration with farmers and third-party verified.