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Aiming higher going beyond certifications


Most of the global cocoa sold is still conventional, and Fazer wants to decrease that share.

Most of the global cocoa sold is conventional. Conventional cocoa, in turn, is linked to and may cause many social, economic, and environmental issues such as deforestation. Worse still, there is no credible way to ensure that conventional cocoa is sustainable.

However, one way to handle this problem is to source more cocoa from farmers who participate in a certification programme.

Today UTZ, Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade Cocoa Programme certify about 20% of global cocoa sold. A certificate proves that the cocoa farmers run a sustainable operation, environmentally and socially. Moreover, it is common in these programmes to offer farmers additional premiums to reward and incentivise sustainable cocoa farming. This approach is common for both certificate and private producers’ programmes.

A growing interest in private programmes

Private programmes such as Fazer’s farmer program is becoming more popular. Aside from the sustainability criteria and premiums, our farmer programme also provides farmers and communities with concrete help. We support, for example, infrastructure investments and the building of schools and hospitals. Like Fazer, most premium branded manufacturers offer their programmes with their respective approaches.

Fazer observes the growing share of cocoa certifications as a good start. We believe in ambitiously aiming higher and going further by primarily ensuring that the premiums really go where they are needed.