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Where our cocoa grows


There are 5 million cocoa farms in the world. A quarter of the cocoa we buy comes from Ecuador, while three-quarters from West Africa.

Cocoa trees grow in the moist and warm equatorial climate. In addition to the environment, the soil quality and characteristics of the cocoa trees affect the aroma of cocoa beans and the taste of ready-made cocoa products. 

West Africa is the world’s largest cocoa-producing area. About 70% of the entire world’s cocoa comes from West Africa, which is home to about 75% of all the cocoa farms globally. The biggest cocoa-producing countries are Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Nigeria. Approximately 75% of the cocoa purchased by Fazer comes from West Africa. 

Ecuador is a small cocoa producer; they make around 3% of the world’s total production. 25% of the cocoa we buy comes from Ecuador.