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Community development in Nigeria


First solar-powered street lights installed in the village of Buanchor

Solar-powered street lights use chargeable LED lamps, eliminating the need for separate solar panels. One lamp’s service life is approximately six years. Ten street light poles were erected in central locations in the community.

The lamps are equipped with a sensor that automatically switches the lamp on when it gets dark, improving residents’ safety on the streets in the evenings.

The technical solution applied for the street lights has received particular praise: the solar-powered street lights do not depend on the national electricity grid and its functioning.

A community centre for the village of Bendeghe Ekiem

Fazer sponsored the building of a community centre in the village of Bendeghe Ekiem. The centre includes facilities for the village community’s chairman and a youth representative.

The centre’s building has positively impacted the village’s appearance, and the council of elders especially enjoys the pleasant assembly facility. Young people are also happy about the opportunity to get together at the centre.

The centre offers a shared location for both young people and the village elders to meet and discuss projects concerning the development of the village and to solve issues in a friendly atmosphere. For the young, the shared facility offers an opportunity to engage in various activities together.