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The prevention of child labour in Nigeria’s farmer programme


We must prevent work that put children in harm’s way.

Fazer’s farmer programme in Nigeria includes 50 cocoa farming communities with 3,000 farmers. The farms are small family farms, the average size of a farm being approximately 3.8 hectares.

The children of the families often participate in chores around the farm, just as they do at European farms. However, work that puts the children’s schooling or well-being at risk is not permitted.

One person from each farming community has been selected and trained, in cooperation with Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Justice, to monitor child labour. These farmers live and work in the local communities and are always present. They are tasked with intervening in any concerning cases by discussing the situation with the relevant farmer and then reporting it to the local community.

If the problem continues, the farmer in charge of the monitoring says it is the supervisory unit and the Department of Citizen’s Rights at the Federal Ministry of Justice.

Not a single case has been observed or registered in 2016–2020, and the situation had remained unchanged in 2021. If such cases do occur, they will report them immediately.