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What Fazer has done to end child labour


• We pay premiums to the farmers in the farmer programme

• Farmer training

• Child labour monitoring and reporting

Supporting school opportunities for children

In Ivory Coast, the use of child labour is prevented by the Child Labour Monitoring and Remediation Systems (CLMRS). Besides immediate intervention, the focus will be on tackling the root causes at the community level, on improving women’s earnings, for example, through village loans and side income projects.

In 2019, it was reported to Fazer that in Ivory Coast, 43 children were found in cocoa farmer programme families who did not have a birth certificate because the families could not afford it. Without a birth certificate, children cannot go to school, and under the farmer program, birth certificates were arranged.

The farmer programme in Nigeria actively seeks to find and eliminate child labour. Farmers have training on child labour and children’s rights. Instead of random audits, a designated farmer has been selected and trained to monitor child labour within each cocoa farming community. Designated farmers live and work in local communities and are thus constantly present.