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Fazer Cocoa Standard for sustainable cocoa

Fazer for Better Cocoa programme aims to ensure that Fazer sources responsibly produced and managed cocoa throughout the supply chain by verifying the economic, social, and environmental aspects of production and trade against a set of defined requirements. Fazer Cocoa Standard describes Fazer's concrete requirements for sustainably managed cocoa.

Fazer Cocoa Standard criterion has been created together with an independent auditor SCS Global Services and benchmarked with recognized standards such as Rainforest Alliance and Cocoa Horizons and aligned with industry best practices. Also, customer demands, risk assessment and research papers have been input factors for the standard. Criterion are evaluated on regular bases at least every three years to ensure that Cocoa Vision is at par with development in cocoa industry.

The Fazer Cocoa standard consists of 28 requirements or criteria which are organized under five chapters:  Governance, Social, Environmental, Quality and Traceability. For every criterion there are one or more indicators to describe more precisely the requirement for compliance to standard.  Totally 118 indicators are divided into critical (18) to compliance and basic (100) indicators.