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Verification and audits

All cocoa sourced by Fazer is third-party verified including economic, social, and environmental aspects of cocoa production and trade.

Fazer is committed to develop traceability of cocoa supply chains and we target to source 100% traceable segregated cocoa by 2027. Segregated cocoa is traceable and kept separately throughout the value chain from the farmer to Fazer factory.

Fazer farmer programmes aim to secure profitable farming, to improve wellbeing in cocoa community and to protect planet and natural resources. The cocoa sourced from Fazer farmer programs is traceable and segregated to the farm level. The sustainability is verified by SCS Global Services (audit conducted 2021-2022).

The cocoa sourced through Cocoa Horizons programme is traceable with mass balance and verified by PWC. The cocoa sourced as Rainforest Alliance is mass balance certified. Mass Balance is a blend of sustainable verified and conventional cocoa with sustainable volumes tracked by book-keeping methods.

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