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Results from verification 2022

The sustainability of our cocoa supply chain is verified against a set of defined requirements in the standard.

SCS Global Services conducted a comprehensive verification, including a sample of 100 farm visits, of the Fazer Cocoa Vision programme during January-March 2022. 

In total, the results of the verification were positive. There were several good examples found, where our suppliers demonstrated their commitment to continuous improvement on topics such as arranging trainings, supporting cooperatives in improving their operations, and enhancing policies. 

There were also some non-conformities found that require corrective actions to be taken. The most severe cases included findings related to children not attending school. These cases are taken seriously, and remediation actions are taken accordingly through the CLRMS system, considering the best interest of the child. Other findings that require corrective actions were related to lack of specific record keeping, need to improve specific facilities, and to make sure that all farmers are aware and apply health and safety best practices, for example.

The verification did not include such critical findings that would have caused discontinuation of relationship with any supplier. The findings are followed up and used to further improve our operations and support to the cocoa growing communities in our origin countries.

SCS Global services verification results. (opens in pdf)