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Good farming practices reduce the need for pesticides


Good farming practices reduce the need for pesticides. Case in point: Michael Otu Bisong learned how to prevent plant diseases effectively with a smaller amount of chemicals.

Michael Otu Bisong, 64, a Nigerian policeman turned cocoa farmer, joined Fazer’s grower programme in 2014. At the time, the location and size of his farm were surveyed: he had 4.06 hectares of cultivated land. 

Inspired by what he had learned in the grower programme, Bisong replaced traditional methods with good agricultural practices. Although he had not recorded his crops before joining Fazer’s grower programme, his first measured crop was 2,225 kilos. His yields have since been increasing year after year. 

Good agricultural practices have also enabled Bisong to stop using pesticides and considerably reduce farming expenses. Many traditional farms continue to use large amounts of chemicals, causing high costs for farmers and unnecessarily burdening the environment.