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Improving cocoa traceability

Fazer takes pride in that the cocoa sourced under its three farmer programmes in Nigeria, Ivory Coast, and Ecuador is traceable to the individual farm.

To us, sustainable cocoa means prosperous farmers, thriving communities and a flourishing planet. Our farmer programmes—and the traceability it enables—make a positive change for cocoa farming communities. Our farmer programmes ensure that sustainability premiums are paid directly to farmers and their communities, making traceability economically feasible. 

Knowing where our cocoa comes it makes it easier to verify it is produced sustainably. Traceability is, therefore, also critical for addressing sustainability issues such as low farmer income, deforestation, and child labour.

Fully traceable and certified cocoa is an expensive rarity. The cocoa industry commonly uses a method called “mass balance sourcing” that allows certified cocoa to be mixed with other cocoa streams. It effectively promotes certified cocoa production. However, the downside is the challenge of tracing specific batches back to individual farms.