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Alternative income


Improving women’s income is a key to developing an entire community. To that end, Fazer’s farmer programme in Ivory Coast is making a difference by providing funding and training for women.

Our farmer programme in Ivory Coast includes 830 farmers and three cooperatives in the country’s south-east. 91 of the farmers are women. 

The farmer programme helps farmers improve their income. Promoting sustainable farming practices that yield greater and better crops generates higher revenues for farmers. It improves women’s means and opportunities to earn higher incomes. 

How the farmer programme creates opportunities for women 

Our programme established banking cooperatives in five villages to accommodate farmers’ wishes. These banking cooperatives enable savings and secure funding for women’s projects. Funding for projects on cultivating food crops and children’s schooling. 

These projects create new money-making opportunities for women. When more children are in school, more women can work. By training women in the cooperatives reading, writing, and numeracy skills, they can get better-paying jobs. For example, administrative positions in the cooperatives.