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Farmer programme in Nigeria


Fazer’s farmer programme in Nigeria includes some 3,000 farmers. The programme operates in seven Local Government Areas in the Cross River State, located in south-eastern Nigeria. 

Farming is the region’s main livelihood, and in addition to cocoa, farmers grow crops such as cassava, rice, and bananas. 

The farmer programme allows us to help farmers improve their income.  Sustainable farming practices yield better crops and higher quality. We also support community projects based on the farmers’ needs. During the farmer programme in Nigeria, we have built artesian wells and two schools and delivered 400 units of protective equipment and 2,000 safer tools for opening cocoa pods. 

The development of women’s income level has been furthered with training focused on soap production, among other things. By the summer of 2018, farmers in the programme had planted 75,000 new cocoa seedlings and 60,000 seedlings in a new programme.