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Training for farmers in Nigeria


Varied training has been organised for farmers participating in farmer programmes in Nigeria.

Training focusing on establishing nurseries and model plantations, pest control and harvesting has been organised for field managers. The training also covered the different stages in growing cassava. Cassava is an important food plant in cocoa plantations and increases the diversity of the cultivated plants.  

Training on good cultivation practice, growing cassava, environmental protection and social issues was organised for the leading growers in Okundi and Ikom. A total of 72 growers attended the training sessions. They were granted diplomas for their attendance and given additional materials to distribute to their grower groups. The leading growers provide training to the other growers in the community.  

The grower field training sessions organised in different communities reached 2,860 growers, of whom 232 were women. The training reached 64% of the growers participating in Fazer’s grower programme. In addition, woman growers not participating in the grower programme attended training sessions.   

There were two training packages. The first covered cocoa productivity and the prevention of child labour use. The second covered cassava cultivation and the protection of wild animals.