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Fazer's commitment to clean oceans


Fazer continues to make commitments to the Baltic Sea Action Group. This helps the circular economy, water stewardship, and achieve sustainability goals.

Fazer has a long tradition of protecting the environment and operating in the Baltic Sea area. We feel that this gives us an opportunity, together with our partners, to affect the overall health of the Baltic Sea. We believe that stronger co-operation in the value chain can help other major operators and us in the region achieve something lasting environmental change. 

We commit to continue developing our production and ways of working to contribute to the promotion of the ecological balance of the Baltic Sea. This commitment involves actions and targets concerning the circular economy, sustainable grain farming, water stewardship plans, and offering developments. 

  • We support the circular economy through safe recycling of nutrients, reducing the amounts of waste, and improving resource efficiency. We have set targets for each business area for reducing the amount of waste. 
  • We will continue to implement the Fazer Grain Vision and further develop sustainable grain farming together with our value chain. Fazer’s aim is for all of our grain used in consumer goods in Finland and Sweden to comply with the principles of sustainable farming by 2025. 
  • We are preparing a water stewardship plan that specifies our goals and the corresponding measures related to water consumption, wastewater and reduction of water use in the value chain. 
  • We develop our offering: emphasising domestic raw materials, favouring seasonal produce, increasing the number of plant-based products we offer, promoting the use of sustainable sources of protein, and reducing the amount of food waste.

What is BSAG? 

The Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) is an independent foundation established in 2008, bringing together all the players needed to save the Baltic Sea. BSAG works in solution-centred cooperation with countries, different authorities as well as companies and other organisations. BSAG works in co-operation with all the countries where Fazer operates. 

More information about Baltic Sea Action Group can be found on their website.