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Learn more about different sustainable palm oil options



When a company like Fazer sources palm oil containing fats and oils, and other raw materials, we can choose between different options to secure the traceability and sustainability of the ingredient.

In global supply chains, there are at least these three options:

1. Segregated supply chain system

Segregated palm oil is certified palm oil kept separate from non-certified palm oil throughout the value chain but can be mixed with certified palm oil from different origins.

2. Mass balance supply chain system

Mass Balance is a blend of certified and non-certified palm oil with certified volumes tracked by bookkeeping methods.

3. Book & Claim / GreenPalm or Smallholder certificates

Book and claim (Green Palm or Smallholder Certificates) mean that for every tonne of the palm oil we use in our products, we pay a voluntary premium to support the palm oil producer community operating within RSPO guidelines for social and environmental responsibility. The benefit of this is that the premium reaches even the small growers. However, the physical palm oil we receive on delivery is uncertified.