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Sustainable soy, fish, and seafood


Fazer is committed to using only sustainable certified soy, fish, and seafood.

Fazer’s commitment to 100% certified soy covers all Fazer’s businesses. All the soy used directly or indirectly in the value chain will meet the requirements set by the RTRS (The Roundtable on Responsible Soy) or ProTerra. Fazer reports on its use of soy annually.  


Globally around 70% of all soy is used in animal feed. Fazer uses only small amounts of soy as an ingredient in the food. Indirectly soy may be used through animal feed in the production of meat, fish, dairy products and eggs. However, cows producing milk for Fazer's milk chocolate are not fed with soy-containing feed anymore.

Unsustainable soy production is associated with environmental impacts, such as deforestation and biodiversity loss. 

With the soy objective, Fazer is part of the Finnish soy commitment and Swedish soy dialogue. 

Fish and seafood 

We follow WWF’s seafood guide to help us assess seafood sustainability. We do not use endangered, red-listed fish or seafood. We aim to increase further the use of recommended green-listed fish species and seafood in our cafés.