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Supplier Code of Conduct


Minimum sustainability requirements for all Fazer's raw material suppliers and service providers are defined in our Supplier Code of Conduct. 

Fazer Group's Supplier Code of Conduct is based on international conventions and regulation, national laws and good industry practice. It sets the ethical, social and environmental requirements to suppliers and service providers. All suppliers that want to do business with Fazer need to show their commitment by signing the code.

We updated our Supplier Code of Conduct in 2021 to ensure better our responsibility in caring for people and the environment. The Code of Conduct (the ethical principles) and the Supplier Code of Conduct guide our work in all the business areas and countries of operation.


By the end of the year 2021 already 78 % of Fazer's supplier by spend had signed the Supplier Code of Conduct. 

You can find all our sustainability policies including Supplier Code of Conduct here