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Food is happening fast. The increasing pace of food innovations and the rise of new technologies are all colliding at the same time to bring consumers more choice and exciting flavours. We have been doing our part to rev up the innovation engine, and we are excited to show you what we have been working on.

The world is changing. The climate crisis and shifting consumer preferences are reshaping the food system. In this light, we envision laboratory-scale food production, vertical farming that maximises land use, and a circular economy that maximises material efficiency and minimises food waste.

Accelerating growth through innovations, on-trend categories and foodtech is one of Fazer’s strategic priorities. For example, we constantly develop innovative ideas for food in so-called consumer “white spaces,” or gaps in the market where we can generate new opportunities. To accelerate Fazer’s innovation agenda, we set up at separate business unit, Fazer Foodtech, supporting innovation across the organisation, with full focus on the sustainable food solutions tomorrow.

The Fazer Lab 

At the forefront of this new frontier in innovation, research, and foodtech is the team at Fazer Lab. They work tirelessly to develop new advancements. Their discoveries of today are sure to be in the mouths and minds of tomorrow’s consumers. Breakthrough research themes inside Fazer Lab have given us new insights into how we can make better food for a brighter future.

To get a taste of some of the themes the Fazer Lab is researching, we have, among other things:

  • Fazer Xtech, new sustainable food solutions 
  • Fazer Oathow, future oat technologies
  • Fazer Brainhow, brain-friendly products that promote well-being 
  • Fazer has also collaborated with the Finnish start-up company Solar Foods on Solein2Food, on a project that will commercialize their new sustainable protein ingredient Solein®, made from CO2. 

Food waste

We also cannot talk about the future of food without mentioning food waste. At Fazer, we believe that tackling food waste today presents an enormous opportunity to decrease the environmental impact of our food production and enable resilient food systems tomorrow.

Circular food system

We have been driving several projects where we look at the side streams coming out of different product lines that we can upcycle in our production. Through upcycling by-products from our production lines, we are doing our part in building a circular food system that cuts down on waste by design while creating new products to delight consumers.

A sustainable future

Sustainability in food and nutrition is high on Fazer’s agenda. Fazer sees innovation as a key enabler in executing its strategy. The less waste we produce, the more opportunities for us to create a happier and healthier tomorrow.

We work with universities, researchers, research networks, and start-ups to find ways to put the world on a more sustainable path. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to tell us what you think. We would love to hear from you.