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Fazer Leadership Team

President and CEO and Deputy to the President and CEO

Fazer’s Board of Directors appoints and dismisses, if needed, the President and CEO. Under the requirements of the Finnish Companies Act, the President and CEO is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the company, in line with the instructions of the Board of Directors, and for ensuring that the company’s accounting is carried out in accordance with legal requirements and that the company’s financial management is handled appropriately. The President and CEO reports to the Board of Directors and informs the Board of Fazer’s operating environment, e.g., customers, competition and market situation and Fazer’s financial position and development. The President and CEO is supported by the Fazer Leadership Team and the Deputy President and CEO, who is nominated by the Board of Directors, when needed. Christoph Vitzthum is Fazer Group’s President and CEO and Jouni Grönroos is the Deputy President and CEO.

Fazer Leadership Team (FLT)

The Fazer Leadership Team consists of the President and CEO (Chairman), the Managing Directors (MD) of the Business Areas, and the Heads of certain Group functions. The duties of the Fazer Leadership Team are to support the President and CEO in his/her tasks and to draft propositions to the Board. The Fazer Leadership Team also coordinates operations across the Group and secures efficient operations on Group level among other things. The Fazer Leadership Team comprises Christoph Vitzthum (President and CEO, Chairman, acting MD Fazer Lifestyle Foods), Aaron Barsness, (EVP, Marketing), Jenni Gallagher (EVP, People) Jouni Grönroos (CFO & Deputy President and CEO), Markus Hellström (MD Fazer Confectionery), Sebastian Jägerhorn (EVP Legal & Compliance), Joséphine Mickwitz (EVP Communications & Sustainability) and Lara Saulo (MD, Fazer Bakery). 





Christoph Vitzthum.png

Christoph Vitzthum
b. 1969
Master of Economic Sciences
President and CEO, acting Managing Director Fazer Lifestyle Foods,
Fazer Group

Aaron Barsness.png

Aaron Barsness
Bachelor of Arts, Biology and Environmental Studies
Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President,
Fazer Group

Jenni Gallagher.png

Jenni Gallagher
b. 1972
Bachelor of Arts (Business & Human Resources Management), Postgraduate degree (Human Resource Strategies)
Head of People and Executive Vice President,
Fazer Group

Jouni Grönroos.png

Jouni Grönroos
b. 1965
Master of Economic Sciences
CFO and Deputy CEO,
Fazer Group









Markus Hellstrom_.png

Markus Hellström
b. 1974
Master of Science (Engineering)
Managing Director, Fazer Confectionery and Executive Vice President,
Fazer Group

Sebastian Jägerhorn.png

Sebastian Jägerhorn
b. 1969
Master of Laws
Master of Economic Sciences
Legal and Executive Vice President,
Fazer Group

Josephine Mickwitz_.png

Joséphine Mickwitz
b. 1968
Master of Economic Sciences
Communications & Sustainability and Executive Vice President,
Fazer Group

Lara Saulo_.png

Lara Saulo
Master of Economic Sciences
Managing Director, Fazer Bakery and Executive Vice President,
Fazer Group





Mats Liedholm (MD Fazer Lifestyle Foods) was a member of the Fazer Leadership Team until 31 October 2021 when he transitioned into the position as MD for Fazer Sweden. Aaron Barsness became a member of the Fazer Leadership Team on 1 January 2022. 

Extended Fazer Leadership Team

Fazer Group also has an extended Fazer Leadership Team. In addition to the members of the Fazer Leadership Team, the extended Fazer Leadership Team also includes the Managing Director of Fazer Bakery Finland, Marko Bergholm, the Managing Director of Fazer Bakery Sweden Patrik Hellgren, the Managing Director of Fazer Sweden Mats Liedholm, the Managing Director of Commercial Units at Fazer Confectionery Tom Lindblad, the Managing Director of Fazer Bakery Baltics, Anne Mere,  the Head of Fazer Group Procurement Petteri Nisonen and the Managing Director of Fazer Retail Johan Rosenblom.