Like the world around us, we as a company are continually transforming. That’s simply what the world’s greatest brands do. In order to ensure sustainable growth today and tomorrow, we have renewed our mission and vision.

People today pursue authentic experiences tailored to fit their personal desires and schedules. As digitalisation creates new possibilities, people expect more from customer experience than before. A growing concern for personal well- being as well as that of the planet guides consumer choices. Yet there is always room for some indulgence. This is the world of our new mission and vision.

We have shifted our focus; Fazer stands for more than products and services. We create experiences to remember. We want to be present in the everyday lives and special moments of our customers. Through our offering, we want to invoke emotions and create strong and lasting impressions.

Our mission: Food with a purpose

We add a little extra joy, well-being, inspiration, passion and love to everything we do. We want to enrich people’s lives with our offering.

  • We create healthy and easy-to-eat products for people to enjoy any time, any place
  • We offer wholesome, tasty and environmentally conscious solutions to guests of our restaurants and cafés
  • We seek new solutions to bring convenience into the hectic lives of busy people
  • In all we do, we respect our environment

Our mission supports our strategic goals and opens up new opportunities to grow. It explains the reason for our being – our purpose in this world.

Our vision: We spark joy and well-being through meaningful food experiences

We want to delight, surprise and excite by infusing pleasure, enjoyment and well-being into people’s lives. We want to do good for the people and the planet.

When someone has a moment to enjoy a Fazer experience, we want them to taste and feel the love – to feel the care and passion we put into every product and service.

Our vision sets a clear direction towards the future and describes our bigger ambition.

We will realise this vision by

  • searching and developing new plant-based foods
  • co-creating new products and services with partners
  • crafting premium foods to bring enjoyment
  • developing new channels to serve consumers
  • growing beyond the Nordics

Our brands are our strength, and we will continue to strengthen them further to ensure that we are globally competitive. We will develop a captivating customer journey that provides superior experiences at every touch point.