In a changing and hectic world, people look for meaning and delight tailored to their tastes. Fazer is transforming along with the world to create sustainable growth and serving new desires with the same passion that has driven us to serve the needs of past generations.

With everything increasingly available immediately and in real time, the wish for real and authentic experiences and delightful moments grows. At the same time, technological development has allowed for new, richer customer experiences to emerge.

Sustainability has made its way into consumer lifestyles and even indulging through food. People care about themselves and the planet, and consumers expect responsible and transparent solutions that fulfil their needs and exceed their expectations.

The passion with which we have served previous generations lives on today and in the future. Like all great brands, we are evolving along with new expectations in order to provide products and services that exist to delight, excite and stimulate people every day. The future of our success builds on being authentic, desirable and progressive.

Our mission: Food with a purpose

Our reason for being – our mission – is to create magical moments in people’s lives by adding a little extra joy, well-being, inspiration, passion and love to everything we do. We want to enrich lives and make a difference every day with our products and services.

  • We invest in healthy and easy-to-eat products that can be enjoyed any time, any place
  • We offer wholesome, tasty and environmentally conscious solutions at our restaurants and cafés
  • We seek new ways to bring convenience into the hectic lives of busy people
  • We consider our impact on people, planet and business in all we do

Our vision: We spark joy and well-being through meaningful food experiences

We want to delight, surprise and excite by bringing pleasure and well-being into people’s lives – while doing good for the people and the planet. When people enjoy a Fazer experience, we want them to taste and feel the love and the passion we put into every product and service.

Our vision guides our future, which is realised by:

  • crafting new foods that inspire people to enjoy life
  • producing new and creative plant-based foods
  • co-creating new products and services together with partners
  • developing new channels to serve consumers when and where they want
  • growing in Northern Europe and beyond

In order to live up to our vision, we will strengthen our brands and inspire our customers with personalised experiences. We want to be present in people’s lives – always – with carefully crafted experiences at every step of the way.