By providing Food with a purpose, as is our mission, Fazer embraces joy, health and well-being in everyday lives while doing good for the planet. Our vision, Towards Perfect Days, takes us on a shared journey to bring memorable moments and new food experiences to people.

Food is a source of joy, nourishment, health and inspiration. When we create food experiences, we carefully consider the needs and preferences of consumers. Their evolving tastes and consumption habits guide our product development and encourage us to innovate tomorrow’s delights.

As the global food system evolves in response to population growth, we are taking part in that change. We want to do our share in providing people with sustainably produced food that enhances well-being. At the same time, we want to create moments of joy – today, tomorrow and in the far future.

Our mission: Food with a purpose

Our mission, Food with a purpose, describes our reason for being. We are The Food Experience Company, and our commitment is reflected in this mission. We take pride in our craft and create each bread, chocolate tablet and smoothie with love and dedication. We want consumers to enjoy every taste and scent. We create products and services that people enjoy and appreciate. Our healthy, tasty and sustainable offering brings convenience into hectic lives. Whether people need a quick break with a wholesome snack, or a moment of indulgence shared with friends, we will provide it. In everything we do, we consider the impacts we have on people, the planet and business. 

Our vision: Towards Perfect Days

Our vision, Towards Perfect Days, defines our shared direction. It guides the journey we are taking with our consumers and customers, steering us forward. We want to make every day a little better, with a taste, a surprise, an experience. We think that happiness is made of moments, and we are here to make them special. 

True to our purpose, we create food experiences and new traditions for sustainable lifestyles. We enable individual choices and experiences that bring joy and well-being. We make magic happen through authentic food experiences and innovations while staying true to our values and heritage.