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Mission and vision


Fazer is The Food Experience Company. To make Food with a purpose is our mission. By following our values—Northern Liberty, Fearless Creativity and True Relationships—we realise our vision, Towards Perfect Days.

Fazer is in the business of creating memorable food experiences and moments of joy. Our 130-year heritage and fearless creativity inspire future sustainable food solutions.

Food is joy, health, and inspiration. We want consumers to enjoy every taste and aroma, and that is why we create food to enjoy and appreciate. We always put consumers’ needs and wishes at the centre when creating food experiences. Their varied tastes and habits are inexhaustible sources of inspiration that motivate us to prepare new delicacies.

Our mission, Food with a purpose, is our reason for being. We create magical moments by putting our heart and soul into each bite. We use our innovation and foodtech expertise to prepare our consumers with delicious, increasingly plant-based experiences that are good for people and the planet. Sustainability is central to everything we do.

Our vision, Towards Perfect Days, unites our values and work. We want to be a part of consumers’ memorable moments and better their daily lives by incorporating our unique know-how and heritage into our food. This way, we bring our vision to life.

We gain tremendous insight and inspiration from our consumers’ needs and values and develop our offerings together with them. We want our consumers to associate the Fazer brand with life’s magical moments. Hence our brand promise: Northern Magic. Made Real.

Our values make the magic real

  1. Our values, Northern Liberty, Fearless Creativity, and True Relationships, embody our promise of Northern Magic.
  2. Northern Liberty. We value the freedom to choose, to be ourselves. We cherish diversity and inclusion and recognise and respect everyone’s human rights.
  3. Fearless Creativity. Innovation is born out of courage. So, we venture out. To explore the novel and untried. We can create exceptional foods that surprise and delight our consumers by daring to speak up.
  4. True Relationships. We want to do good for people and the planet. We build relationships in our factories and offices and with our customers, raw material suppliers, service providers, and other stakeholders. We are a community working together to accomplish common goals.