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Industrial exports


For generations, Fazer has been a strong producer of consumer items. However, Fazer also makes a range of products for industrial use.

The most important product for industrial export is the Milk Chocolate Crumb. This special ingredient for chocolate production is made of milk, sugar, and roasted cocoa that is vacuum dried.

Our Milk Chocolate Crumb has a distinct caramelized milk flavour roasted right into the chocolate. The crumbs can enhance the flavour and create a unique taste, impossible to achieve with conventional chocolate manufacturing processes.

The primary market for Milk Chocolate Crumb is Asia, especially Japan. Fazer has done business with Crumb-products in Japan for more than 40 years. Today, our customers include some of the world’s top-quality chocolate manufacturers and the largest confectionery companies.

Contact information

Fazer Confectionery Ltd. 
Pl 4, FIN-00941 Helsinki, Finland

Visiting address:
Fazerintie 6, FIN-01230 Vantaa, Finland

Contact person

Jarmo Lavikka 

Director, Industrial Sales