We are The Food Experience Company. The Fazer brand positioning Northern Magic. Made Real. echoes and sustains our journey. It is a promise that allows us to be ahead of consumer trends while investing in our growth.

The Fazer brand is evolving with the times. We are proud of our strong roots and will continue our transition towards becoming a truly consumer-driven company. Our brand positioning, Northern Magic. Made Real., supports us in building an even stronger Fazer brand – it aligns our operations and allows us to communicate what we stand for. The brand supports decision-making, helping us make the desired brand image real. We leverage the value and equity of the brand to help the company grow. We want to be a purposeful brand that appeals to consumer values and needs – now and in the future.

Our brand portfolio is a mix of the Fazer brand, endorsed brands and independent brands. Each of the brands has an important role in our portfolio and enables us to fulfil consumer needs in different categories and markets. However, the target is to strengthen and extend the role of the Fazer brand based on the brand positioning. The creation of a coherent and even stronger Fazer brand, fully utilising the halo effect throughout the portfolio, is the foundation for sustainable growth and internationalisation.

Fazer brand: purpose-driven, differentiating and relevant to consumers

The brand is a key enabler in reaching the company’s vision. We believe that food is an ingredient of happiness. It creates special moments in everyday life and enables embracing relationships. Meaningful food experiences create both joy and well-being. Our brand positioning, Northern Magic. Made Real. reflects the consumer insight that joy and well-being are a result of choices that do good for us, others and the world around us. This is captured in the three brand themes Northern Liberty, True Relationships and Fearless Creativity.

Northern Liberty

• We build on values that stand for equality, acceptance and inclusiveness
• We care for each other – as individuals as well as a society

True Relationships

• We build true and honest relationships
• We are genuine and transparent
• We want to do good for the world around us

Fearless Creativity

• We have the courage to innovate and combine taste sensations that touch up on magic
• We value artisanal crafts and pure ingredients
• Our founder Karl Fazer was a fearless pioneer who brought people new ideas and inspiration from all over the world. We want you to experience the Northern magic Fazer creates

Our brands rely on heritage and innovation

During the year, the implementation of the renewed brand positioning took place in all businesses. It has given the direction to product and service development, communications and marketing. The investments in oats and plant-based solutions and focus on innovation and food tech during the year reflect both promoting our sustainability goals and making Northern Magic real. In communications, actions were aligned to express our values. We also renewed the Fazer brand identity to convey Northern Magic. Made Real. and to support the creation of an even stronger Fazer brand.

The decision to build a xylitol factory, based on circular economy, in Lahti is one of the most remarkable reflections of Northern Magic. Made Real. Fazer also acquired the Finnish food company Kaslink. Our brand promise was also the basis for reducing CO2 emissions and food waste as well as other sustainability actions and communications in Fazer Bakery.

In Fazer Confectionery, we launched the side stream concept of Fazer Makea Moka to reduce food waste and completed the transformation of the Tutti Frutti range to cover all-vegan ingredients.

In Fazer Retail, the development of the entire consumer experience was based on Northern Magic. Made Real. Novelties with Northern berries were examples of product assortment alignment. Service development included brand integration into introduction and coaching programmes. The consumer communications of Fazer Café also clearly reflected the brand and the themes it carries.