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Our brands


Our brands, and the values they embody, are essential to realising our vision: Towards Perfect Days.

Life is a series of moments that we can make beautiful by choosing to do good for ourselves, others, and the world. By spreading joy in everyday life, we create Memorable moments together.

Food creates magical moments. For some, it is all about the scent of freshly baked artisanal bread; for others, it is about the familiar taste of chocolate. For still others, it is the plant-based delicacies that make their day.

When we make the world a better place together, we can take delight in a Shared optimism. By creating food experiences that fill our customers’ lives with joy and meaning we create Food with a purpose.

This is how we concretize our brand promise: Northern Magic. Made Real.

We build our products with our consumers’ needs and values in mind, always guided by our company values, Northern Liberty, True Relationships, and Fearless Creativity, thus ensuring that our brand promise comes true.

Although the Fazer master brand and the brand promise Northern Magic. Made Real. are at the heart of our brand portfolio, we must also remember that we are a house of nearly a hundred other beloved local and international brands such as Karl Fazer (Fazer’s flagship chocolate), Fazer Café (Finland), Oululainen Reissumies (Finland), Skogaholm (Sweden), Tutti Frutti (popular candies in Finland and Sweden), and Geisha (Fazer’s most international brand).