In 2018, we worked to crystallise the Fazer brand and found our essence: Fazer is Northern Magic. Made Real. This is a unique, forward-looking and ambitious promise, building on Fazer’s current and aspired home market presence. It is aligned with Fazer’s future ambition of strong expansion in Northern Europe and beyond. ‘Northern Magic. Made Real.’ enables the Fazer brand to enter new markets and supports us in reaching our strategic goals.

With our renewed Fazer brand, we will ensure that Fazer is meaningfully different in the eyes of the consumer also in the future. ‘Northern Magic. Made Real.’ is an ambitious promise that builds on our heritage and reaches out to the future, enabling Fazer’s ambition of strong expansion in Northern Europe and beyond.

In addition to excellent products and services, there is a growing consumer need for brands to stand for a deeper purpose and to demonstrate values, attitudes and actions that do good for the society. We want consumers to choose Fazer. Our renewed brand helps us better communicate who we are, what we offer and what we stand for. With our new positioning, we stand behind three themes: Northern Liberty, True Relationships and Fearless Creativity.

The Fazer brand architecture is a hybrid. It is a mix of Fazer branded, Fazer identity brands, Fazer identity endorsed brands and independent brands. We combine tradition with innovation, creating meaningful brand experiences. Our brands are developed in line with our strategy, guided by customer engagement, strong consumer insight and research. They help us connect with consumers and build a relationship based on trust and authenticity.

Global trends and changing lifestyles

Global trends of aging and extended work-life, urbanisation, dialogue of cultures, technology, digitalisation and sustainability strongly impact the food business, as do politics and regulation. At the same time, the hectic, urban lifestyle sets new standards for consumers’ expectations towards brands, products and services. We engage with modern-day, conscious consumers who seek food experiences that enrich their lives. We share their concern for the health and well-being of people and the planet.

We set the consumer first. The key insight for the development of the Fazer brand states how our strategy impacts people engaging with us, every day. We have therefore delved deep into the thoughts and ideas that consumers have on joy and well-being – in order to create these positive impacts, we need to thoroughly understand them.

We continue innovating and building strong brands

In 2018, we have launched new taste experiences in familiar, highly appreciated brands – Karl Fazer Tyrkisk Peber chocolate tablet, Fazer Alku cereals and Jaffa Pihlaja biscuits to name a few. We introduced the pink Fazer Pure Ruby chocolate, based on the special ruby cocoa beans and a unique manufacturing method. Our ambition is to build a strong Fazer brand recognised across our markets and our new brand philosophy supports strategy execution. A strong brand opens doors internationally and allows us to focus our efforts.




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