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Our businesses

We, as The Food Experience Company, bring joy and wellbeing through our high-quality products and services to people in the Nordics, Baltics, Russia and beyond to some 40 different countries. We focus on the bakery, confectionery, non-dairy and plant-based food markets. We are also a major player in the Nordic grain milling market and increasingly in foodtech. Through our businesses, we are present in memorable occasions as well as in everyday moments of the consumers.

Fazer’s businesses allow us to cater to the different and evolving tastes and preferences of consumers. The scent of freshly baked bread or a beautifully decorated, delectable cake are Fazer Bakery’s ways of delighting people. When a box of chocolates is opened or a bag of sweets shared among friends, Fazer Confectionery takes a bow. Fazer Lifestyle Foods keeps people going throughout the day with delicious plant-based foods, answering the changing eating habits of consumers.

We are a market leader, trend setter and the number 1 FMCG brand in Finland, doing our part to develop the entire food industry. We aim to achieve leading positions throughout Northern Europe while accelerating our growth through innovations, on-trend categories and foodtech. We form true relationships with our consumers and customers, anticipating and answering their needs and desires. We embrace fearless creativity while honoring our traditions.