Our bakery business is for conscious consumers wanting more sustainable and healthier options, memorable delights – and making choices that do good for us all.

With the demand for environmentally sustainable and healthy bakery products on the rise, Fazer Bakery continues to cater to trends that are good for the planet and good for people. We have reinvented the bakery category by responding directly to consumers’ expectations.

Plant-based trends continue to drive the markets. Categories, such as artisanal bread, have made their way into people’s hearts, providing new avenues for delicious Fazer concepts.

Performance in 2019

2019 was a year of efficiency and innovations, with Fazer Bakery Finland as the spearhead for this change. Development was positive in all countries, except Russia and Sweden. We opened as many as 21 new shop-in-shops in Finland, and the concept was expanded to the Baltics with three shops opened in Estonia. Strategy execution has been strong in the Baltics, where we had a third consecutive year of strong growth.

The artisanal trend is here to stay, and we have invested in artisanal baking through shop-in-shop and bake-off concepts. New additions to Fazer Street Food, sourdough and oat products, have been received well.

We have implemented a value creation programme across all operating countries to increase cost-efficiency and to optimise our processes. To bring decisionmaking closer to the customers, the Fazer Bakery Business Area organization was simplified in October.

During 2019, we implemented several measures to improve the sustainability of our operations. Reducing our CO2 emissions and food waste, sustainable packaging and sustainable grain cultivation are at the core of this work.


Going forward

We are the market leader in the Finnish bread category and will continue to renew and maintain our work in this area. We will continue to communicate about the healthiness and sustainability of bread. The plant-based trend, along with artisanal and sourdough will be focus areas for us. We will continue developing our shop-in-shop business and its expansion to other countries.

Sustainability continues to be high on our agenda. In addition to food waste and emission reduction activities, our efforts will be centred on the trends of artisanal, gluten-free and oat products in our bakery business. We will keep innovating and launching new products as well as utilising Fazer’s patented LOFO enzyme in our belly-friendly product portfolio.

We acknowledge our responsibility in developing sustainable farming, and we have created a Grain Vision in collaboration with farmers to the ensure the long-term cultivability of soil and promote sustainable and efficient grain cultivation. We will continue to implement this vision.

Finland and the Baltics are expected to continue to grow. The gluten-free volume increase in Finland is supported by the acquisition of Vuohelan Herkku in January 2020 which makes Fazer the market leader in this growing category. In Sweden and in Russia, the turnaround and transformation continue.