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Fazer Bakery: tasty, varied breads and delicious pastries and cakes


Since 1891 when Karl Fazer opened his first café in Helsinki, we have been baking bread and sweet bakery products. Fazer is the leading bakery company in Finland. We also have a significant presence in Sweden and the Baltics.

We have a wide range of baked goods for all tastes, including Finnish delicacies like wholegrain crisp and organic rye breads, Swedish cinnamon buns, and Arctic thin breads. We sell bakery products to over 20 countries, but have the strongest foothold with local, well-known, and cherished brands such as Oululainen in Finland, Skogaholm in Sweden, and Druva and Gardesis in the Baltics.

In addition to making bread, pastries, and cakes, we are constantly developing new enticing goodies in packaged, frozen and freshly baked Shop-in-Shop assortments to complement our highly valued and well-established selection.

In Finland, Fazer’s large bakeries are located in Vantaa, Lahti, and Lappeenranta. The company operates 120 (end of 2021) shop-in-shop bakeries within grocery stores, where artisanal bakers use Finnish flour to bake fresh bread on the premises.

The shop-in-shop concept has also been expanded to the Baltics, where Fazer currently has 10 in-store bakeries in Estonia. The large Baltic bakeries are in Ogre in Latvia and in Kaunas in Lithuania. In Sweden, Fazer operates three large bakeries, located in Umea, Eskilstuna and Lidköping.

In total, Fazer Bakery employs approximately 3,500 people.

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