Northern Liberty is freedom to enjoy special moments as well as everyday life. Fazer is present in these moments through its chocolates, sweets and biscuits. As Finland’s leading confectionery company, Fazer is a highly trusted and respected brand that evolves together with consumer needs.

Interest towards holistic well-being remains strong, and people today want a balanced lifestyle. With our offering, we create opportunities for conscious indulging. By continuously developing the sustainability of our raw material procurement and packaging, we build future-proof, true relationships with consumers, customers and suppliers alike.

Performance in 2019

Fazer Confectionery’s focus on profitable growth yielded excellent results, with increased sales in all categories. Strong novelties and impactful marketing campaigns generated growth in countlines and candy bags, and chocolate tablets continued their strong performance.

We increased our market share in the majority of our markets. The Finnish market performed very well. International growth was supported with strong development in Denmark, successful sales initiatives in Asia and the launch of Fazer Nordi premium chocolates in the US.

Strategy execution continued with a focus on working as one team and developing operational excellence. We improved our capabilities in leadership, procurement, marketing, talent and QEHS practices with key recruitments in the Business Area and Supply Chain management teams.

We successfully launched the Makea Moka sugar confectionery food waste concept, strengthening our sustainability cooperation with a key customer. We finalised the transformation of the Tutti Frutti range to all natural, completely vegan ingredients. We launched new package markings that will make waste sorting easier for consumers. New technical solutions enabled us to create personalised packages. We launched the first output of Fazer’s collaboration with the Finnish Sulapac – a microplastics-free, compostable box containing Fazer’s traditional handmade pralines.


Going forward

We will create a balanced innovation portfolio, with insightful novelties for the traditional indulging business as well as for future consumer needs. In addition to securing the core business, we want to surprise consumers with disruptive, true innovations. We will build a relevant product offering for conscious indulging while engaging in initiatives to reduce food waste, optimise packaging and support circular economy.

The confectionery market is growing, and we are growing faster than the market. Key consumer trends impacting the market are sustainable lifestyles, holistic well-being and hypermodern life. By addressing them with a balanced offering, attractive novelties and responsible operations, we will continue to grow our market share across our markets.

In the fast-changing modern world, people are returning to their roots with traditional ingredients and products. We are carefully modernising Fazer Confectionery in a way that respects and preserves the trust people place in our brand.