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FC2030 confectionery factory

Fazer is planning a new confectionery factory. The project goes by the name FC2030. The planned confectionery factory will, if realised, be Fazer’s largest investment in several decades and one of the biggest investments within the food industry in Finland and Scandinavia in decades.

The plan is to have the factory built in Lahti in Southern Finland, approximately 100 km northeast of Helsinki. If realised, the new confectionery factory would replace the existing factories in Vantaa and Lappeenranta. The city of Lahti has reserved a 34 hectares area in the industrial area of Pippo-Kujala for the planned confectionery factory. The land plot in Pippo-Kujala is big enough for Fazer’s purposes and it provides a good solution also from a logistics point of view.

The project is currently in the basic design phase. The target is to make the investment decision in the first half of 2023, thus enabling the start of the construction works with preparatory work during the same year.

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For Fazer, food manufacturing is the future. The project name reflects this orientation towards the future, but is also honours the UN's Agenda 2030 goals. The target is to plan and build the most modern confectionery factory in the world. In the planning of the factory, special attention is paid to sustainable energy solutions and improving the energy efficiency as well as enhancing the working conditions.

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