The health and well-being megatrend is strong. People are increasingly interested in their well-being and are willing to improve it through nutritional choices as well as exercise. They are looking for sustainable alternatives to meat and dairy, and at the same time, they seek meal choices that are not tied to time and place. Fazer Lifestyle Foods concentrates on products that answer the needs of today’s health-conscious consumer.

Fazer Lifestyle Foods’ products are for contemporary and conscious consumers who want inspiration, convenience and well-being in their daily lives. Its offering consists of plant-based foods, non-dairy products and snacks. Established in March 2017 with the acquisition of oat expert Bioferme and its popular brand Yosa, Fazer Lifestyle Foods is one of the major growth areas within our business portfolio.

The smoothie brand Froosh, acquired in late 2017, serves as a platform for Fazer Lifestyle Foods’ offering of healthy fruit-based products. In addition to its strong position in the Nordics, Froosh exports e.g. to the Baltics, Germany, France and Ireland.

In addition to its traditional milling products, Fazer Mills, which is a part of Fazer Lifestyle Foods, produces oat-based breakfast products like porridge, muesli and cereals. It also produces oat derivatives such as beta-glucan and oat protein for the food industry as well as oat oil and oat fibre for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Performance in 2017

Net sales of the Fazer Lifestyle Foods business area reached 99 million euros during its first year of operation. This includes the sales of Bioferme for some 9 months, sales of Froosh for less than two months and sales of Fazer Mills for the full year. Bioferme’s pro forma (12 months) net sales grew in 2017 by 29 per cent.

The breakfast products of Fazer Mills complement Fazer Lifestyle Foods’ offering, and our healthy oat products are of special interest to well-being oriented customers. Oats continued to sell well in 2017, with organic oat sold out already in the spring. The Swedish mill performed above expectations, but the traditional milling business did not reach its targets in Finland.

During 2017, Fazer Lifestyle Foods’ offering was further developed to answer consumers’ desires. Concept and brand work are still ongoing for some new product categories, and product development continues.

Fazer of the Future

The ambition for Fazer Lifestyle Foods is strong growth and international expansion. We aim to complement organic development with acquisitions.

We will build an innovative, consumer insight driven offering in the non-dairy, plant-based meals, breakfasts and on-the-go food categories. We will create a world-class branded offering based on sharp consumer insights and innovation, representing outstanding taste.