In August 2019 a Finnish family company Kaslink became a part of Fazer Lifestyle Foods. Kaslink is specialized in developing and manufacturing premium Scandinavian food products including cooking products, drinks and snacks, for customers and professional kitchens all over the world.

Kaslink’s brand portfolio includes the oat based Kaslink Aito, dairy brands Kaslink Koria and Maire, water brand Kaslink Vesi and the Nordic Cuisine sauces.

Kaslink’s modern production facility is located in Koria, Finland, by the Kymijoki River. The latest production technology ensures that most of the products are packed into eco-friendly carton packages which can be recycled and distributed extremely efficiently with long shelf life. In the manufacturing processes, nothing is wasted – most of the waste is re-used and transformed into bio gas that’s used in running the factory, while the rest of the waste is recycled in other ways.

The family company Kaslink was established by Raino Kukkonen in 2001, and from 2010 onwards his three sons Tuomas, Matti and Juha-Petteri Kukkonen took charge of the company. In August 2019 Kaslink became a part of another Finnish family-owned company, Fazer Group. 

The story of Kaslink

The story of Kaslink starts in 2001, when the founder of Kaslink, Raino Kukkonen, started to co-pack high-quality sauce bases for a customer that sold the products onwards to professional kitchens around Europe. The manufacturing of the sauce bases started in a rental premise in Kouvola, Finland, with old machinery. Soon the product range expanded into dessert sauces and other food products such as creams, contract-manufactured for retail chains and brand owning partners.

The product range was then developed into various dairy products, and gradually Kaslink transformed from a sauce factory into Finland’s biggest private dairy. The new product categories, especially the liquid milk goods, and the increasing sales of private label products played a lead role in the company’s quick growth spurt.

Passion for food innovations

In the 2010’s there was a generational change in Kaslink: The founder Raino stepped down, and Raino’s sons Tuomas, Matti and Juha-Petteri, took charge of the company.

Between 2011 and 2016 Kaslink’s revenue grew 50% per year. This made Kaslink one of Finland’s fastest growing companies in the 2000’s. The company invested heavily on their production lines and new production and packaging methods, as well as expanded their storages. The number of employees grew from 30 to 170.

In 2014 Kaslink was selected as the Company of the year in Finland, and Kaslink’s first own brand, the dairy brand Maire, was launched.

In 2017 Kaslink launched two more brands: Tahto-snacks for active lifestyle and Nordic Cuisine sauces. In 2017 Kaslink started manufacturing plant-based products and launched the oat-based brand Kaslink Aito. In 2018 Kaslink launched the brand Vesi, water in eco-friendly carton packages, as well as the Koria Protein drinks.

A part of Fazer group

Kaslink was one of the fastest-growing companies in Finland in the 2000’s, but the story is far from over. In August 2019 Kaslink became a part of another Finnish family-owned company, Fazer Group. The work with high-quality Nordic ingredients and premium food products continues!