In Fazer Retail, we offer premium customer experiences and convenience all wrapped in one. We address consumer trends with a focus on quality and craftsmanship while catering to the growing demand for product transparency and sustainability.

The demand for artisan, food and coffee outside the home is on the rise, blurring the roles of bakery shops and cafés. Sustainable lifestyles are here to stay, and people are calling for high-quality products that are healthy and memorable. Whether it’s in premium bread or delicious coffees, we offer memorable experiences at our bakery shops and cafés, where you can spend a moment enjoying our products with all the senses.

Performance in 2019

Net sales increased slightly from last year, despite fierce competition, especially in Sweden. New players are increasing their market presence, and the share of unpacked bread is growing in the grocery channel. We saw positive development in profitability and comparable sales, especially in Finland.

We completed the implementation of the new Fazer Retail organisation. We also launched new store concepts and opened six new stores in new locations. 2019 saw the central bakery in Sörnäinen, Finland being renovated and upgraded for improved efficiency and capacity.

We introduced the Le Havre oat bread range, vegan cardamom and saffron buns and several innovative Fazer Confectionery branded products in Fazer Cafés. We also introduced longer shelf life products.


Going forward

We will continue to address consumer trends, focusing on quality and convenience. Snacking and balancing well-being means smaller portion sizes and more plant-based options while also considering the continuing flexitarianism trend. Young people are looking for authentic experiences and transparency when it comes to making food purchases, and we want to be the go-to provider in this trend.

We will continue to invest in product development with a focus on special diets and innovative novelties that build on fearless creativity. Sustainable products will also be at the core of our offering, along with products that have a longer shelf life.

Our development will also focus on our store network, where we will improve our store concept even further and establish a more digital footprint.

Our plan is to develop the business to a track of profitable growth, with a particular emphasis on profitability. The growth plan is supported by tactical action plans for the current store network and the opening of several new bakery stores and cafés. The bakery store concept will also be developed further in order to ensure that we can meet consumer needs better in different types of locations. Fazer Retail continues to have an important role in showcasing Fazer’s offering and having a direct dialogue with consumers.

As part of Fazer's strategic journey towards a more consumer centric FMCG-company, Fazer Retail became a part of Fazer Confectionery in May 2020. Starting 1 May 2020, Fazer Retail is a business unit within the confectionery business area.