Our values are a foundation for everything we do. They define the way we interact with each other and our stakeholders. They form a core around which our strategy, mission and vision are built, and help us choose the best ways to reach our goals.

Passion for customer: We always strive to exceed our customer's expectations.

When we create new food experiences, define our business goals or develop our sustainability work, we always keep the customer in focus. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. We place great importance on consumer insight as we strive to provide meaningful food experiences to customers with varying needs and tastes.

Quality excellence: Responsibility in everything we do.

From artisanal bread to smoothies and from chocolate tablets to lunch salads, we demand the highest quality from our products. We strive to provide superior products and service experiences across our entire offering. We show responsibility in everything we do.

Team spirit: We work together, respecting each other.

We are one team, one Fazer. We respect each other and work together to bring our customers the best possible food experiences. We support each other to achieve our common goals.