Our values guide us in everything we do, and they form a core around which strategy, mission and vision were built. These values tell what we believe in at Fazer: how we do things, how we work together, how we encounter others. They build the basis for our culture at Fazer and our future success.

Fazer's values are:

Northern Liberty

Be and become who you want to be. Be true to your word.  Empower others to do the same.

We build on values that stand for equality, acceptance and inclusiveness. We care for each other – as individuals as well as a society.

True Relationships

Be good for your world. Make choices that do good for us all.

We build true and honest relationships. We are genuine and transparent and always put the consumer first. We want to do good for the world around us.

Fearless Creativity

Live without prejudice. Be fearless. Be creative. 

We have the courage to innovate and combine taste sensations that touch up on magic. We value artisanal crafts and pure ingredients. Our founder Karl Fazer was a fearless pioneer who brought people new ideas and inspiration from all over the world.