In 2020, we renewed Fazer’s values and behaviors. During the year, we have engaged all our employees in making these new values come to life in our everyday work.

Our new values are Northern Liberty, True Relationships and Fearless Creativity. These three themes were already launched in 2019 as our brand themes. Now, they are a bridge that connects in a unique way the consumer experience we want to create and the employee experience we share as we craft our products and services. This is Northern Magic. Made Real.  

We held discussions in all our countries to engage people and bring these new values to life. Meetings were attended by employees across the whole organisation. We received valuable feedback and used it to finalise the new behaviours.  

Fazer behaviours bring our values to life 

Our new behaviours support the realisation of our values. They create a clear path to follow and allow us to find and release our potential. By applying them in our daily tasks as well as our encounters with each other, we can build an even stronger, more innovative work culture that inspires us to do our best every day.  

Northern Liberty is a strong statement. We embrace the freedom to be who you are and make your own choices in life. We cherish diversity and inclusion, and we respect the human rights of everyone, from employee to consumer, from farmer to shareholder. Our Cocoa Farmer programme and the 125 Opportunities for Working Life programme for people with difficulty finding employment are some of the ways in which we implement Northern Liberty. 

Fearless Creativity drives us forward. It encourages us to try new things and explore new ideas, even wild ones. Innovation is born out of courage, and by daring to make our voices heard, we can come up with truly special products that surprise and delight our consumers. In 2020, Fearless Creativity was reflected in delicious new treats such as the celebrated Oat Choco, and in introducing concepts such as the Fazer Bakery Drive-In Store in Finland. 

True Relationships are what binds us together. We want to do good for people and the planet. We build relationships not only with each other in factories and offices, but with our customers and consumers, raw material producers, service providers and other stakeholders. We are part of a community that works towards shared goals – our sustainability work is a good example of this. 

We make magic happen 

  • We reach high and let our passion show
  • We focus on what is meaningful for consumersand creates growth and profit for Fazer
  • We take pride in fulfilling our commitments

We improve every day 

  • We take risks and see mistakes as opportunitiesto learn
  • We explore fearlessly to find the best solutions
  • We are agile and embrace change as anopportunity to do things better

We win as one Fazer 

  • We show trust in each other and value team overindividual success
  • We welcome everyone as they are andencourage different views and feedback
  • We collaborate with colleagues across Fazer