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Our strategy: drive the food transition


As the industry and the entire food system undergo fundamental changes, we aim to accelerate growth by cultivating innovation informed by in-depth consumer insight.

Anticipating consumers’ needs to safeguard our progress in a rapidly changing world will be even more critical as we master the food transition. Our strategy serves as a compass pointing to where we want to take the company.

Our vision, Towards Perfect Days, guides us on the path we take with consumers and customers as we offer them new tastes and experiences that make the best of every moment. In line with our mission, we strive to create Food with a purpose. This means offering delicious and inspiring products that bring people nourishment, health, and well-being, while simultaneously doing good for the planet. Our businesses are driven by a shared passion for creating food experiences and new products for sustainable lifestyles.

Over the coming years, we will seek to expand organically as well as through various transformational mergers and acquisitions, both in large and small scales.

Our strategy focuses on six areas:

We are building an even stronger position as the #1 fast-moving consumer goods brand in Finland

We want to grow our market share in our core categories and develop our portfolio in anticipation of consumer needs. In addition to becoming a strategic partner for our key customers, we will also create a leading online presence and expand successful concepts.

We are accelerating growth through innovations, on-trend categories, and foodtech

We aspire to be a leader in plant-based foods in the Nordics. We aim to be first-to-market as categories merge and emerge. Scalable innovations will fuel our expansion. By expanding and leveraging our Foodtech business, we will ensure our role in the future of food.

We are developing leading positions in Northern Europe

We want to expand our market share in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and the Baltics by leveraging and fortifying our competitive advantages locally. Accordingly, we will launch our broader premium portfolio of indulgent and healthy products to meet consumer needs across these markets.


We see mergers and acquisitions as a vital tool for driving growth in the future and are actively working on a broad pipeline of M&A opportunities.

We are excelling in our ways of working to become the industry leader in profitability

To be the best at everything we do, we will push for excellence across the board and harmonise our way of working throughout the business. Furthermore, we are making our manufacturing more efficient, optimising our production footprint, and raising productivity with digitalisation.

We develop food as a solution for a more sustainable planet and business

To do good for the planet and people is part of our past and future. With sustainable, healthy, high-quality products and sustainable packaging, we aim to lead the food industry’s move to a more viable future. In line with this, we promote a circular economy in our operations and value chain. We commit to minimise our environmental impacts and ensure our supply chain’s sustainability and fairness.

We are evolving our culture and driving critical capabilities to enable continuous success

We prioritise employee wellbeing to attract, develop, and keep the best and brightest. We want safe and inclusive workplaces where our people can thrive with enthusiasm. Hence our many initiatives to foster a supportive culture in our organisation.