We have defined a new strategy for 2018–2022 in order to transform into the Fazer of the future. Our focus for the coming years is on value creation through portfolio choices, growth, continued operational excellence and structural improvements.

We will continue to develop our business and product portfolios, based on deep customer insight and research. Close co-operation with the scientific community allows us to examine new solutions to enhance the well-being of people.

A new business area, Fazer Lifestyle Foods, was established in 2017 to answer the needs of consumers interested in health, well-being and sustainability. In the beginning of 2018, our bakery shop business and Fazer Cafés were combined into a new business unit, Fazer Retail, to strengthen our direct-to-consumers retail business.

We intend to grow beyond the Nordic countries and to introduce our offering to new customers by 2022. We believe that meaningful brand experiences in growing categories are the key to reaching a wider customer base in Europe and beyond.

As we transform into Fazer of the future, we embrace digitalisation and explore its applications to enhance our performance and support our safety culture.

A transformed Fazer with joint strategic direction

Our ambition is to reach an annual net sales growth of 6-8 per cent and a Group EBITDA level of at least 12 per cent. We will be a modern, sustainable food company with a joint strategic direction. We aim to strengthen our consumer focus and establish ourselves as an innovative trend setter. Our target is to be in the top 2 in our categories in selected Northern European markets.

To reach our strategic targets, we build on our broad offering of high-quality products and services, the dedication and expertise of our personnel, high performance culture and our distinguished brands. Our work is supported by well-functioning production facilities, a wide distribution network and close customer relations.

We will continue to develop our business and product portfolios, with an enhanced focus on clear growth areas. We must also ensure that our organisational structure supports our ambition and accountability. We will continue to systematically develop our capabilities to meet the needs of the future.

Focused growth areas to provide major value increase

The ongoing development of the new Fazer Lifestyle Foods business area will continue, with organic growth complemented with potential acquisitions. We plan to grow our confectionery offering in the Nordics. Chocolate will be the key category in this development, and it will also lead the way to international markets.

We will strengthen our direct retail offering to consumers in bakery shops, cafés and online. Growth is also sought in the public food service sector, with increased outsourcing and new capabilities as key drivers.

Geographically, our ambition is to grow in the Nordics but also beyond to wider Northern European markets, and to selected markets outside Europe.

Our ambition is to become a leading modern, sustainable food company in Northern Europe. Following our joint direction, we will target a strong retail presence in several markets in Europe and beyond, and grow faster outside Finland.

Fazer values guide everything we do

Our High Performance Culture is built around our values and we are in the process of taking it to the next level. We ensure everyone at Fazer understands their role in creating our success. We motivate by consistent and inspiring leadership and communication. We emphasise accountability for our performance and encourage personal development. We want everyone at Fazer to take pride in their work.

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