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Who we are


The story of Fazer began 130 years ago, when Karl Fazer opened his first café in Helsinki. Today Fazer is an international Food Experience Company—a billion-dollar business with thousands of employees.

We focus on fast-moving consumer goods and our direct-to-consumer business in the Nordics, Baltics, and beyond to some 40 different countries.

Our three Business Areas—Fazer Bakery, Fazer Confectionery, and Fazer Lifestyle Foods—operate in the bakery, confectionery, non-dairy and plant-based food markets. We are also a major player in the Nordic grain milling market and increasingly in foodtech.

Our mission is to provide Food with a purpose. Every loaf of bread, chocolate bar and smoothie is made with love and devotion—and every bite is magic.

We consider our impact on people, the planet, and business in everything we do. Thus, we use our expertise to create and offer plant-based food. Food that is good for people and the planet.

Busy people can easily enjoy a healthy snack or treat themselves to something delicious with friends thanks to our healthy, tasty, and sustainable offerings.

Our vision, Towards Perfect Days, unites our values and our work. We want to brighten your day with hearty surprises and unforgettable food adventures.

We want people to think of Fazer when they remember special occasions because that’s how we deliver on our brand promise, Northern Magic. Made Real.

We can establish new food traditions for sustainable lifestyles by being true to ourselves. We make positive and healthy choices possible and make magic happen with genuine food experiences and tasty innovations.