The versatile and challenging nature of an astronaut’s profession seen as an exciting basis for the astronaut-themed pop-up pre-school organized at Slush on the 30th of November. Fazer served brain-friendly food to the children and their instructors.

Astronauts must focus on nutrition and train their physical and mental abilities to excel in their jobs in space and stay alert at all times in extreme conditions. The versatile and challenging nature of an astronaut’s profession was also seen as an exciting basis for the astronaut-themed pop-up pre-school, which was organized at Slush on the 30 November. At the pre-school Fazer, the organizer Fun Academy and the other partners, Pilke Päiväkodit, Cohu Experience, Reima and Isku, discussed and brought forward the importance of fun learning and holistic well-being as its enabler.

Surely, the highlight of the event for the 6-year-old participants was when astronaut Greg Johnson came for a visit. The children had lots of questions for Greg Johnson. Many were interested in how long it would take to get to space or Mars or whether it would be possible to visit the sun. One participant also inquired whether aliens were actually real. After a lively discussion, Greg Johnson suggested that whatever the children’s dreams were, they should always stay curious, work hard and continuously strive to learn.

After the exciting space discussions with Greg Johnson Fazer served brain-friendly food to the children and their instructors. The Brainfood set had been designed by ‎Director, Gastronomy and Food Development Marianne Nordblom and Executive Chef Mikko Laaksonen. Fazer served colourful carrots, cauliflower and pulled oats hash as the main dish. Mikko Laaksonen had given the dishes exciting names, for example, “the best dip sauces in the stratosphere”. He noted that to encourage kids to try out something new and different, it is important to make it a fun and exciting experience. This was also taken into account when Fazer designed the space-atmosphere around the food.

The children were especially excited about the colourful carrots and had a chance to discuss their food experiences with Mikko Laaksonen after lunch.

Fazer's Research Director Jussi Loponen followed the children enjoying their lunch and stated: “By keeping our brains fresh with sleep, physical and mental exercise and healthy food, we can improve our ability to learn –from day care to university and in working life. Meals in Finnish schools and day care are exemplary, but there are development opportunities, for instance, in healthy snacking.”

Although nutrition is the focus area of Fazer, Fazer wants to look at the concept of cognitive well-being holistically. The holistic approach was also emphasized in this event. As an example, Reima GO was present in the event with its activity trackers that encourage children to exercise happily. Elina Björklund from Reima noted “We want children to go outside – no matter what the weather! In this way they’ll be happier and learn more.” Johanna Raski-Pitkänen from Pilke also noted that is very important that learning happens through joy, as part of children’s everyday life. She also emphasized that it is important to involve children in all phases of learning, also when it comes well-being. Pilke has introduced new science-themed day care services and will be continuing its collaboration with Fun Academy at its Oivallus day care in Vantaa.

During the event, Fazer also had a chance to interview Astronaut Greg Johnson about the importance of nutrition for an astronaut. Greg Johnson said he had a physical trainer and a dietitian, who put a lot of effort in ensuring his suitability for the job as an astronaut. Greg Johnson wanted to share with the future astronauts and other future talents what he had learned: “Taking care of yourself is most important, because otherwise you will have to focus on how you can make up for not doing so.”

Fazer Brainfood will continue on the exciting journey of inspiring these future talents to learn and realise their full potential by enhancing brainpower. Please visit to learn more about the Fazer Brainfood programme and how Fazer invests in research and development to support cognitive performance with food at all stages of life.