The Fazer Brainhow symbol on a product is a promise that the product contains nutrients that have been scientifically proven to benefit brain well-being and cognitive functions, and that it is overall a good choice in its category. ​

Why is Fazer Brainhow good for the brain?

Fazer Brainhow products have scientifically proved health benefits related to brain health or cognitive functions. For example, magnesium contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue, potassium contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system and iron contributes to normal cognitive function. These benefits are aligned with EU health claims.

Why is Fazer Brainhow a good choice for overall well-being?

Fazer Brainhow products are in line with the Nordic nutrition recommendations. This means that their nutritional value is designed to support overall well-being:
Salt is the spice of life – but only in moderation. Some salt is necessary to keep taste buds happy – and good taste brings good moods. But too much salt increases blood pressure – and puts too much pressure on your veins and brains.
The various types of sugar and other carbohydrates we eat keep our blood sugar steady, which keeps the brain alert. But too much sugar gives a sharp – but short – energy boost, which is followed by a sense of fatigue.
Fibre is good for the gut – enough fibre helps keep bowel functions nice and steady. And remember that there is a connection between the brain and the gut – your brain senses what your gut feels.
We need some fat to feel well, but paying attention to the quality of fat is important. Plant-based, unsaturated fats are good for you and your brain, while saturated fats from animal origin are recommended only in moderation.