Fazer’s bakery in Lahti, Finland is one of the biggest sourdough bakeries in the world. It adopts the traditional sourdough baking process on a larger scale, using flour produced from our own mill.

Sourdough baking has its roots firmly planted in the past and can be traced back to ancient Egypt. It uses an age-old technique that requires the ongoing cycle of saving seed sourdough to kick-start the new sourdough fermentation for new batches of bread. When ripe, sourdough is mixed with the bread's other ingredients and left to rest, before molding, proofing and baking.

Sourdough’s special secrets

The extended time of sourdough baking helps it to break down stubborn starches, proteins, and phytates in the grains, which make it easier for the body to digest and allow you to absorb more of its nutrients. Unhurried bread making also guarantees the formation of a natural bread aroma.

Sourdough bread’s naturally long shelf life means that there is no need for additives, so you can enjoy its wonderfully pure taste and aromatic flavors for even longer. It is no wonder more and more people are falling under its tasty spell.

The sourdough creates a natural leaven that flavors the bread and helps it to rise. Lactic and acetic acids that are produced during fermentation contribute to a symphony of flavors and give the bread a distinctive sour tinge. They also act as a protective force and fight off harmful microbes and enzymes whilst activating the more beneficial ones.